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Embrace Your Wholeness with Specialized Integration Therapy

At the core of my practice, I offer a transformative therapy model designed to retrain the mind. Our journey begins with deciphering thoughts and feelings and appreciating the nature of our mind. Essentially, we aim to reintegrate the fragmented aspects of ourselves.

With a compassionate approach, we learn to discipline thoughts and manage more challenging emotions; be it fear, shame, anger, etc. Such thoughts and feelings so often hinder emotional health and ability to connect with others. Our collaborative work fosters self-discovery, empowering you to overcome challenges.

Through the venture of self-reintegration and the cultivation of mindful practices, we experience alleviation of emotional and relational distress. The goal is to nurture our path to self-compassion and emotional liberation, paving the way for increasingly frequent moments of peace and contentment.

This therapeutic journey weaves together the wisdom of traditional psychodynamic therapy and the performance enhancement aspects of coaching, all enriched by the profound principles of mindfulness.

Beyond Trauma: EMDR and Performance Enhancement

EMDR services extend beyond trauma reprocessing, serving as a powerful tool for enhancing self-belief and propelling you towards your aspirations. Tailored sessions support you in overcoming personal barriers, fostering a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Healing Together: Addiction and Family Therapy

Leveraging my extensive background in addiction and family dynamics, I provide targeted programs for both individuals and families navigating the complexities of substance abuse. My approach includes individual, family therapy sessions, support for relatives, and comprehensive treatment plans, all aiming to restore harmony and health.

Connect and Grow: Group Therapy for Integration and Relationship Building

Recognizing the transformative power of collective healing, I offer group therapy programs dedicated to emotional management and relationship enhancement. These sessions provide a supportive space to practice newly acquired skills and forge deeper connections with others in a community of growth.


  • Addiction And Recovery
    Addiction And Recovery

    Many treatment plans focus on talk therapy and behavior therapy and can be performed in a group or through one-on-one sessions.

  • Depression And Anxiety
    Depression And Anxiety

    Diagnosing depression involves a psychiatric evaluation and physical tests to determine whether a person’s symptoms are actually being caused by a different disorder.

  • Family Counseling
    Family Counseling

    Family counseling can help open up a line of dialogue and communication and can help family members understand each other’s perspectives.

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