Group Therapy

I am a certified group therapist. It's worth noting that group therapy is one of my most preferred therapeutic modality. In my experience, I have found group therapy to be one of the most effective and impactful forms of therapy available. The experiential nature of group therapy helps people learn more about themselves, and improve their interpersonal relationships. This environment allows the healing to happen at a much deeper level than individual therapy. It helps to address feelings of isolation, depression, and/or anxiety.  

Psychodynamic Group Therapy is not a social or support group. Instead, this form of therapy provides an opportunity to explore our responses and reactions to others, and what might trigger these responses. This type of group therapy helps us understand how others see us, and challenges we respond to situations and triggers.

How does it work?

Psychodynamic Group Therapy typically occurs weekly with a group of anywhere from four (4) to ten (10) adults. These sessions contain people from different walks of life (gender, age, etc.). Within a session, we learn about our blind spots, how others experience us, how we show up when forming new relationships e.g. what’s effective and what isn’t. In other words, we have a unique opportunity to learn how we may sabotage relationships and how we can make new choices.

The Power of Group Therapy

In my experience as a group therapist and as a group member, I believe group therapy is the most powerful type of therapy. A fundamental part of group is learning that we are feeling emotions all the time. And it’s imperative that we know as much as we can about these feelings so that we are not living in a reactionary state. Group is where we do this.  Further, group therapy helps us understand that we may actually have walls [defenses] we never knew existed, that have kept us isolated or lonely, and kept others at a distance. As we study all aspects of these walls [their function, how they impact others] we can begin to consider and practice new alternatives. Group therapy is an opportunity to confront and embrace our feelings such as shame, love, joy, anger, and fear in real-time. Experiencing such heightened emotions while in therapy is a rare but invaluable experience. 

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